Short Films




Turntable (October, 2018)

Turntable is a short film focusing on the effects of deception in dating. An innocent date turns into an unforgettable night.
Official Selection: The Film Collective 2019

Written & Directed by Jake Noecker
Cinematography by Gabriella Megni
Edited by Gabriella Megni
Produced by Ian Mardinly and Samantha Tan
Starring Imani Nathaniel and DJ Nicolo

OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Film Collective - 2019.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time  Filmmaker Sessions - 2019.png

Sold Sign (December, 2017)

A visual poem about the struggles of an unhealthy relationship. Official Selection: Lycoming College Film and Video Festival 2018, Nominee: Rough Cut Film Festival 2018


Directed by Samantha Tan
Starring Kathy Chan and Michael Stahler
Cinematography by Gabriella Megni
Edited by Samantha Tan and Gabriella Megni
Music By Kevin Graham - Limitless

Swipes (April, 2017)

AaronRey Ebreo, a student at Temple University, uses his meal swipes to donate non-perishable foods to the homeless in Philadelphia: Swipes for Philadelphia. Semi-Finalist: Los Angeles CineFest, 2018

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Gabriella Megni
Starring AaronRey Ebreo, Joshua Lacerna, Luke Rothenheber




Best Buds (December, 2018)

Push Through (February, 2017)

City Adventures (September, 2016)

Half Blood (May, 2018)

Second Chance (October, 2016)